My pension

With effect from 1 January 2018, there is one pension regulation for all members of our pension fund.

For whom?

Anyone who is affiliated to Bpf Foodservice through his/her employer builds up pension entitlements with our fund.


The target retirement age is 68 years. In principle, you will receive a pension from our fund from the first day of the month in which you turn 68. The commencement date can be adjusted in consultation.

Types of pension

The following types of pension exist within our pension scheme:

  • Old-age pension
  • Partner’s pension
  • Orphan’s pension

How do you accrue pension?

You and your employer jointly pay the pension contributions. The contribution is a percentage of your pensionable salary. The precise amount is indicated on your pay slip.

Will your pension retain its value?

The amount of your pension is not certain. We make every effort to ensure that your pension keeps pace with annual inflation. This is called indexation. This is possible only if the pension fund’s financial situation is good enough.   There is therefore a possibility that we will not be able to adjust your pension to inflation.

What are your choices?

You have various options within your pension scheme to adjust your pension to your personal situation. You can choose from:

  • Early retirement
  • Deferred retirement
  • Semi-retirement
  • Starting with a higher or lower pension
  • Exchanging retirement pension for partner's pension
  • Exchanging partner's pension for retirement pension

Complete pension scheme

Would you like to find out exactly what your pension scheme entails? Read the complete pension regulations (only available in Dutch).